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Turu 2, 93813 Kuressaare, Estonia

Turu 2, 93813 Kuressaare, Estonia


Rights Of Use

My goal is for God`s Word to spread through my paintings and that all the glory would go to our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, I have set a few restrictions for the usage of my paintings and all images from the website.

Non-Commercial Usage:

Images may be used free of charge in church services (i.e. PowerPoint presentations), but the user is asked to notify the author by e-mailing; also the name of the author (Ain Vares), the title of the painting and the web address: must be added. In case of lack of space, just a web address is sufficient.

Commercial Usage:

Any usage in a commercial nature, or that makes a profit for the user in any form, is permitted only with prior written consent and fee arrangement with the Artist. Such usage also requires the necessary artist credit/copyright statements or website address reference.

Using my pictures for non-Christian purposes requires the author's written permission.

In case of a need to use larger size files of the pictures (e.g. various publications), please e-mail the request.